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Fall Winter 21-22 Collection

The idea of a meteorite streaking across the sky, charging and giving off energy, is behind this collection.

Although it relies heavily on black and white, flashes of color run through the collection to create the effect of light. Colors that are structured in rhombuses inspired by Picassian pierrots, in luxurious and meticulously crafted garments; colors presented in pleated fabrics illuminated with delicately patterned golden rays. They are the colors one could find just before some sunrises: various shades of blue, beiges, pinks, browns… the soft dawns Turner or Friedrich could have painted.

The black and white styles explore numerous possibilities. In textures, we will find satins, organzas, plumetis, jacquards, crepes, mikados and even sequined knitted fabrics. Some dresses are loose and flowy, while others, in heavier fabrics, are more structured.

The bows, one of the signatures of our brand, are here present in the form of ribbons, belts, foulards and ties.




IMG_1791 BN 2



Do you love the Señorita LEMONIEZ style but you can’t find the precise size or outfit that you were looking for?

Do not worry. We can produce any of our dresses for you. Just contact us at and we will work together to get on time the style that meets your requirements.


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